Removing Disqus

Wed 15 Jul 2020
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I like webpages that load fast. Especially when we are talking about pages that are just blocks of text. I try and make my personal projects adhere to what I would like to see across the web. I previously talked about this in Lower Page Sizes by Deferring Junk.

Users don't want to wait for content. They don't to be frustrated by paint reflow. They don't want to download MB's worth of trash.

In that spirit I am removing Disqus from all my personal projects. Currently I barely get any comments so it really is wasting user time and data limits, but I already have a great way for people to interact with me. It's something amazing you might have heard of called email.

Benefits of removing Disqus:

- 1kb less from each html request for my pages
- 36 lines less of complexity I don't own
- 24 requests less per page
- 1.01 MB less loaded per page, which is an order of magnitude greater than the actual content
- No user tracking by disqus, google, and facebook and who knows what other 3rd parties
- No user sign up, just use the email you already have.


Questions? Free free to contact me anytime :)

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